Johnnie Williams

Was born in Seattle, WA. Williams began his Track and Field career at the age of 5 in the Seattle Parks and Recreation track program.  He later competed at Nathan Hale High School in the late 90’s where he completed the tough sprint tri-fecta, winning the 100, 200, and 400 meters his junior and senior in the highly competitive Seattle Metro League.

He accepted a division I scholarship to Washington State University, where he later transfered to Eastern Washington University in 2001.

Currently, Johnnie Williams is the EWU record holder in the 55m, 60m, 200m indoor and the 100m and 200m meters outdoor.  Coach Williams has a Master of Science in Anthropology and Criminal Justice from Columbia university.  Currently coach Williams is the Athletic Director for Seattle Parks and Recreation.  He enjoys organizing the sports program along with spending valuable time with the youth in his community.  

Kathleen Collins

Started coaching for High Point Community Center when she moved to West Seattle in 2007. It was there that she met and coached with Johnnie Williams. She joined High Voltage in 2008, focusing on the 400 meters, which she says “is the best race in track”. She was a sprinter from a young age and still holds her Jr. High School record for the 100 yards, yes “yards”.

She loves working with kids, seeing how hard they work, how they grow during the season and over the years. She loves track and field and wants the kids to have fun and love it too. Being from Oregon, she travels to Eugene most track seasons to watch the big meets and some football too. Go Ducks!!!


Brandon Smith

Brandon moved to Seattle from Gig Harbor, WA where he competed and coached for Peninsula H.S. He then coached at Holy Names Academy where the team had multiple state top finishes including a championship. Brandon enjoys seeing kids develop responsibility for their results and confidence through practice. Brandon is married with 2 elementary age kids and is a 15 year veteran Lieutenant with the Seattle Fire Department.

Howard Kellog

Delbert Parramore